What’s My Niche Again?

I was reading something the other day about niches; do I have one and do I want one? And it got me thinking, what is my niche? I’m a photographer, yes but of what?

I thought to myself, I need to be more decisive about the direction I want to go in and find my elusive niche!

What about wedding photography someone said to me. Nah, that’s not really for me! Just imagine being responsible for immortalising those moments and memories…I would probably spontaneously combust from the pressure! It would be lovely, but I just don’t have the confidence for that sort of responsibility, plus free bar and a camera, not exactly a good mix.

IMG_3357This was my own wedding and we used a friend to do our pictures. I think you have to have balls of steel to be a wedding photographer!

I’m not sporty, so the likelihood of me being stood by a pitch or track, is slim! In fact it’s so slim, it would make Cheryl Cole look the size of a normal person! Nope, sport photography isn’t for me either, well not in a professional manner anyway!

So then I decided to look at what I love to take pictures of.

I love people. Their facial expressions can say so much in one image but again I don’t really have the confidence to work with other people. Anxiety issues!

IMG_3307My attempt at portraitureΒ but let’s face it, it’s just a candid of my daughter eating chocolate. If this had been a studio situation, it would have been a disaster of a shot. Trying to get the lighting right, when here I liked the way the light fell on Tilly’s face.

And on top of that, studio work…artificial lighting freaks me out!! What lighting does what? Where does it go? How bright? Argh….I have no clue!

I’m sure in time my confidence will grow and I will venture into these different avenues. But for now I’m going to stick to what I absolutely adore.

Nature and landscapes, you just can’t get better than that for an amateur. Natural lighting, beautiful subjects and having the patience of a saint!

IMG_3337The beautiful great outdoors. I couldn’t live in a better area with countryside and wildlife on my doorstep. This was Guisborough Forest, North Yorkshire. Just beautiful!

So here’s to what I hope will be my niche! And plenty more nature and landscape images…😊

Jem x

18 thoughts on “What’s My Niche Again?

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  1. We need your beautiful photos now–faces and landscapes–anything that reminds us of the goodness and the nuances of life being lived all around us. However you end up defining your niche, I hope you keep sharing your particular vision of life as seen through your camera lens. πŸ™‚

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