First time blogger…

G Snaps.

Hi everybody,

I have actually had this WordPress account for a while now with the intention of, at
some point, writing blogs. I’ve never quite known what it would be I would write about, I just wanted to blog. Asking people on Reddit, “where do you start as a beginner blogger”. But rightly so, a few responded with the, “you shouldn’t just start blogging because you want to, you should blogging because there’s something that you want to share or write about” answer. And of course that makes perfect sense.

I then didn’t bother with WordPress at all and just carried on with life. Playing football at the weekends, getting a few rounds of golf in through the week, taking the camera out and taking some snaps etc. It’s only recently it clicked with me. Sports/wildlife photography. Sports, wildlife and photography are three things that I am very much interested…

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